Compassion. Community. Connection.

Whole Way House is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment where we can build meaningful relationships and a community that instills worth, value and dignity.

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Business by the Book

How Love Works

February 5, 2016

The latest episode of the Business by the Book Audio Podcast, featuring co-founder Jenny Konkin, is now available! As the Business By The Book's latest featured speaker, Jenny's talk on "How Love Works" in the Downtown Eastside took place on Wednesday, February 3rd at the BC Supreme Court, and is now available as a downloadable MP3 audio file.

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happening right now

"I'd rather be drinking a smoothie than a beer right now." - Was overheard by one of our guests here while these awesome guys from Union Gospel Mission Recovery Program were making Super Smoothies! #inspire #dtes #volunteers #nutrition #community

Whole Way House
May 2, 2016

Whaaat? Over 500 followers on Instagram? That's A M A Z I N G! Thank you for your love ❤️ and support 💪🏼 It means the world to us to be able to share our story and the beautiful stories of so many in Vancouver's DTES. #grateful #thanksforbeinghere #dtes #everypersonhasastory

Whole Way House
May 2, 2016

Tired, dirty, sore, sticky and filled with a huge sense of accomplishment and gratitude for amazing volunteers who came in to to Spring Cleaning with us on a sunny Saturday ☀️! Impressive right? Well, what's even more impressive is how hard they worked and how much they achieved in one afternoon! Wow!!! What an incredible gift to make our place a cleaner, more organized and definitely more beautiful🙏🏼! You can totally feel the love in here!❤️ #dtes #home #springcleaning#volunteer #giveback

Whole Way House
April 30, 2016


Whole Way House is a Vancouver-based charitable society serving the residents of the Avalon Hotel. It was co-founded by Jenny, Josh and Mary Konkin.


Our vision is to reach the people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside by creating a safe and welcoming environment where we can build meaningful relationships and a community that instills worth, value and dignity.


We believe that when a person feels loved and valued, they are able to find purpose in life and be a part of something greater. We offer friendship and support to those who are often lonely, isolated, rejected and forgotten.

Learn more about the history and people behind Whole Way House.

Our story

Jenny Konkin, President & Co-Founder of Whole Way House

We had so many big ideas of how we were going to save the Downtown Eastside and fix all the problems! We thought if we could just get enough clothes and food, everything would be fine. But when we got here, what we really saw were issues of loneliness and isolation. — Jenny

our mission is to

ReConnect with people by building meaningful relationships

ReBuild a sense of community, belonging and purpose through education and training

ReCenter around a meaningful and purposeful life through a re-integrative clean-housing support system

get involved

There are several ways to support the many programs and activities that take place at Whole Way House!


We rely on the generousity of local businesses to support our programs. Learn more about how your organization can sponsor a program at Whole Way House.

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All donations go directly to funding our programs and activities. For a limited time, Coastal Church is currently matching all donations dollar for dollar! Donate today and double your impact!

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Volunteers are the life blood of any non-profit organization! Find out how you can get involved as a volunteer and make a meaningful difference in our community.

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in the news

We're thrilled to have our stories featured in media outlets across the lower mainland, and even beyond! A complete archive of Whole Way House in the media is available here.

Vancouver Courier

Cooking class puts empowerment at top of menu

December 8, 2015

Naoibh O'Connor from the Vancouver Courier chronicles Chef David Robertson's and Whole Way House's cooking class for residents of a SRO in the DTES.

Source: Naoibh O'Connor, Vancouver Courier

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Restoring Dignity To Those On The Downtown Eastside

August 20, 2015

Alumni Kris sits down on the BT couch with Whole Way House Co-Founder Jenny Konkin and host Riaz Mehgi to share his touching story of feeling important and accepted for the very first time in his life.

Source: CityTV

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